Slot – The Word of the Day on Our Vocabulary Quiz!

A slot is a position on the field where a player is expected to move into. It is generally a specialized position that requires certain skills or attributes. It is also the most movable position, and can be filled by different players depending on the system in use. Typically, the slot is used by the fastest or most shifty players on the team.

Slot is the word of the day on our vocabulary quiz!

The word slot can mean:
A space or time for something:
Slot is a term used in football to describe the position that a player moves into to get the best chance of scoring a touchdown. Often, this is done by moving a quick player into the slot from the outside, or by shifting a player who is more comfortable in another position to fill the role. This allows faster players to get the ball and score a touchdown without being covered by a bigger or stronger player. The slot is a popular position in the NFL and can be filled by wide receivers, running backs, and even quarterbacks. The slot is a key part of a good offense, and can make or break a team’s chances of winning.